Jason Kenney used to support permanent residency for caregivers

Last June, Jason Kenney suggested that live-in caregivers should no longer have the right to apply for permanent residency. But he didn’t always believe that. In fact, in 2010, Jason Kenney publicly stated that PR for caregivers is a right and is what distinguishes Canada from other countries.

This is what he said:

Now you, ladies and gentlemen, know like I do that caregivers, particularly from Philippines work hard all around the world in Asia, in the States, in the Middle East, in Europe and in Canada.

But you know what’s unique about Canada?

We don’t just say to caregivers: “Come here for two years, help with your families back home, through remittances” and then we say goodbye.

We are the only country in the world that gives an opportunity for permanent residency and for family sponsorship and for citizenship!

We say to caregivers that we honour and respect your hard work. That we honour your and respect your hard work so much that after your period as a caregiver we invite you to stay and join us as part of our Canadian family.

– Jason Kenney, March 21, 2010, Toronto, ON

If caregivers are good enough to work and care for Canadian children and the elderly, they are good enough to stay. Jason Kenney agrees…or at least he used to.

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