TFW Left Quadriplegic Struggles for Equal Rights and Welfare

Urgent announcement from our friends at Migrante Alberta:

Edmonton, Alberta- Vicky Venacio, is a 29 yrs.old Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) from Philippines. She is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Venacio that lives in a remote-rural area back home. She arrived in Canada in 2011 and became a food counter attendant. According to Vicky’s co-workers, she is very admirable and hardworking and within four months, she was promoted into Team Leader position and afterwards, into managerial position.

On the way to work for completing a managerial training in 2012, Vicky was riding a bicycle and she was struck by a car. Vicky didn’t even recognize the face of the driver nor the plate number of the car. The next thing she knew she was in a hospital diagnosed as quadriplegic and the doctor told Vicky that she can no longer walk.

With the support of her friends and the Filipino community, Vicky was able to revive her strength to face these challenges. She also felt sad that she cannot tell her family back home about what happened to her. Her mom is suffering from liver disease and her dad with tuberculosis that needs sustainable medication which also means that her parents are relying on her. Since the accident, she has not been able to support her family back home.

Knowing that she has financial responsibility to her parents even after what happened to her, she still wants to stay and work here in Canada. It will also be a lot easier to go around the city because of wheelchair accessibility. The lack of access to medical care in the Philippines will make it more difficult for Vicky.

Vicky wants to stay permanently because of the support she felt and she wants to give back to the community after pursuing her studies in Social Work.

Being part of Canada’s Economic Plan, the TFWP’s employers and workers significantly contribute to the Canadian economy. The temporary workers equally put in their hard work along with the local workers thus they deserve the same rights and welfare. They ought to be paid proper hourly rate, overtime pay and medical benefits just like any other local worker. Instead, most of them enter a revolving door of exploitation under this the program. Due to their precarious status that is employer-specific, most of them put up with abusive situation so as not to jeopardize their path to permanent residency.

The jobs that foreign workers fill are not temporary and the TFWP is a temporary solution to Canada’s economic problem. Foreign workers deserve the same rights and welfare, same benefits as local workers and should be granted permanent residency upon arrival. Every worker that is Good Enough to Work are Good Enough to Stay! We call for Permanent Residency for TFWs! We call for Permanent Residency for Vicky Venacio!

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