Next steps for the petition

Petitioners as of September 26

Thousands of Canadians from coast to coast to coast have stood up for live-in caregivers’ rights!

Thousands of Canadians of signed letters asking the government to protect live-in caregivers’ right to permanent residency. Thank you to all those who signed! We don’t want your efforts to be wasted, so we are following up with every Member of Parliament who received a letter.

We are asking all the Members of Parliament who received letters to answer these four questions. We will post their responses (or lack thereof) on this website.

  1. How will you be bring up the concerns your constituents have raised?
  2. Will you be discussing these issues with your party? If so, how so?
  3. How will you make sure that that live-in caregivers continue to be given the right to permanent residency?
  4. How will you work towards a national strategy on child and elderly care?

We truly hope that the MPs who have received letters will listen to those who they represent.

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